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The Exhibitor Experience

Welcome, your journey starts here!

Whether you are already part of our powerful Exhibitor team or you’re thinking of joining us, learn more about our Exhibitor Experience plans up to and including the live event right here.

We’ll establish key dates, responsibilities and expectations so you’re fully equipped to maximise your impact on our valued visitors and fellow exhibitors.

Exhibitor Experience Features:

  • Full control over your booth with the aid of our educational webinar series and supportive guides, all to be stored in our user-friendly documentation platform
  • A dedicated and knowledgeable customer service team to accompany your Innovate journey
  • Introduction of our brand new ticketing system, enabling your valued queries to be tracked and answered along the way
  • Preview our webinar series line-up
    - Tuesday 8 June: What's New for Our Innovate 2021 Exhibitors?
    - Tuesday 29 June: Best Practice for Exhibiting at Innovate
    - Tuesday 20 July: Introducing our CMS and Ticketing System
    - Tuesday 3 August: Connecting Innovators and Event Marketing Tools
    - Tuesday 17 August: Highlights and Open Q&A
  • Thursday 19 August: Publishing of our FAQS based on your questions from our webinar series
  • Booth testing from 23 August to 10 September: Preview your booth and have the chance to test, customise and evaluate your booth design
  • Our Textile Innovation Week will be live for five days on 25-29 October, when our visitor activity will be at its highest

Setting Our Exhibitors up for Success

We recognise our unified goal of connecting innovators and empowering the ever-evolving textile & apparel industry. We will utilise solid channels of communication and consistent delivery of first-class service in order to optimise your lead generation and overall experience.

We're in This Together

  • We are strongly committed to ingraining excellent exhibitor experience into the fabric of our event. With this in mind, your primary Exhibitor Experience contact is a member of the WTiN team, Laura Strawinski. Please see her contact details listed below:

    Laura Strawinski
    Exhibitor Experience Executive
    Office: +44 (0)113 819 8155
    Telephone: ‪+44 (0)113 360 7757‬

    We are looking forward to inspiring our Innovate 2021 visitors with our solid partnership. Welcome on board!

Exhibitor Enquiry