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The Hub recognises ongoing innovation in textile production technologies, technical textiles and nonwovens, highlighting the excellence of the most innovative companies in the textile value chain.

Each exhibitor can submit one entry into the Hub, showcasing a product that was launched on or after 1 January 2020.



  1. Industry recognition
    The Hub will be available to view from 1 October 2021, a few weeks before Innovate 2021 goes live. Registered visitors will be able to rate innovations on a scale of 1-5 (Interesting - Revolutionary).

  2. Lead generation
    Visitors will use the Hub to pre-arrange meetings with exhibitors during the live event on booths.

  3. Marketing advantage
    Exhibitors who score above 3.5 will be recognised as an Innovate Innovator, with a badge to use in their marketing communications.



  1. An additional channel for visitors to learn more about industry-leading innovative exhibits at Innovate 2021.

  2. Visitors can provide a rating on the newest and most innovative production technology and technical textiles solutions.

  3. Early access to exhibitor content and pre-arrange meetings before the event.



We're In This Together

  • We are strongly committed to ingraining excellent exhibitor experience into the fabric of our event. With this in mind, your primary Exhibitor Experience contact is a member of the WTiN team, Laura Strawinski. Please see her contact details listed below:

    Laura Strawinski
    Exhibitor Experience Executive
    Office: +44 (0)113 819 8155
    Telephone: ‪+44 (0)113 360 7757‬

    We are looking forward to inspiring our Innovate 2021 visitors with our solid partnership. Welcome on board!

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